Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Co-Working”?

Co-Working is a place dedicated to a collective of members who share mutual space as a self-directed, collaborative, flexible and voluntary work style that is based on mutual trust and the sharing of common core values between its participants.

What is KingsClub?

We’re a private, highly elevated collaborative workspace, event center and community influencer for visionary entrepreneurs, thought leaders and creatives can gather to work, socialize and conduct events that are impactful and economically, culturally or socially significant.

What makes KingsClub different?

While KingsClub is a simply collaborative workspace to some, this is just one of its many parts. It’s a highly elevated, unparalleled experience that creates an emotional response from members and guests through design, culture, community interaction, and a mission of spreading knowledge and innovation. KingsClub is uncommon in that it purposely serves several big needs for its core customer base: visionary entrepreneurs, thought leaders, influencers and creatives. Yes, it does have first class workspace to meet their needs. But it also serves as a community event center, a producer of top-tier programming, a community influencer, a media and content generator, an art house, and a social club. With offerings driven more by people and relationship, and less by traditional co-working amenities and technologies, KingsClub is outside the fray of co-working spaces and in a category of one.

Where is KingsClub?

We’re on the first two floors of the historic “Old Dallas High School”, a 1907 iconic landmark of Dallas that underwent a $50M renovation in 2018. The building is located in the Arts District of downtown Dallas, at the cross streets of Bryan and Pearl, and directly across from the Sheraton, Marriot, Plaza of the Americas and DART. Our main entrance is the first double galls doors you see when you enter into the 4-story building through the glass tunnel at the rear parking lot entrance.

2218 Bryan Street
Suite 100
Dallas, Tx 75201

Can I tour the space?

Yes. But we suggest you call in advance to schedule. 214 324-KING (5464)

Do you have parking?

Yes. We have very good parking. The building has a large dedicated parking lot surrounding the building. Daily parking for members or guests is $7/day. Members can obtain a monthly parking pass for $80/month. Studio members have parking included.

I take public transportation - what is the closest station near you?

We have the prime location for any of our members using public transportation. The Bryan/Pearl Art District train stop right at the doorsteps of the original entrance to the high school. There are also a number of Bus tops near the location as well. Please check with DART to find out the best route for you here.

What are the hours of operation?

Certain memberships have 24/7 access, with around the clock security. Our community managers are present Monday–Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM.

Do you offer Private Offices?

KingsClub offers enclosed studio spaces ranging from 1 person up to 5. All Studios come with desks, chairs, file cabinets, and lamps, and are based on availability.

What is the pricing for Private Offices?

Studios begin at $1,195 and go to $1,695.

Do you have space for larger teams?

Yes. We call these enterprise clients. Pending availability.

Do you have open seating?

Yes, we have an abundance of communal seating on our 1st and 2nd floor location. Giving everyone an option to make their selves at home and get some work done.

What are the amenities for members?

Members enjoy access to KingsClub’s, programming events, communal spaces, event spaces, conference rooms, online membership directory member perks, food and beverage offerings, printing, WiFi, and access to the building and certain other co-working spaces, and other amenities and benefits not listed here but that are particular to each membership type.

What are the membership types?

Club 5-PACK:

This grants access 5 times per month during business hours, the coveted business address for mail, membership discounts, access to programming and events, and access to the online community.


This is our most flexible membership plan, granting access to all work and common space during all business hours. You will have full access to discounts, programming and events, most benefits and amenities, a business address, and more. Community members get 4 credit per month to apply towards use of conference rooms and event space, and certain printing and other privileges.

Community Reserved:

Community Reserved has all of Community membership perks plus a dedicated desk, filing cabinet, dedicated mailbox, and 24/7 access. This membership also includes 6 conference room credits.


Studio membership is a full private office for you or your team.  You get full access to all benefits and amenities, 24/7 access, a parking pass, dedicated mailbox, and 10 conference room credits.  Based on availability.

Virtual and Virtual+:

This is a hybrid-membership for folks not using the space to work but wanting the coveted mailing address to receive mail, access and invites to programming and events, and in the case of the Virtual+, a dedicated mailbox.

Can I purchase a Day Pass if I am not a member?

Yes, we have many out-of-towners who just need a work environment for just the day while visiting clients. We offer day passes that are available M-F 9am-4pm central time. Contact our front desk or go to our website to purchase yours today.

Do you have conference rooms and meeting spaces?

Yes, we have several. Our conference rooms and meeting spaces are both large and small, and can seat up to 100 people. Conference rooms and meeting spaces can be booked any time during or outside of business hours.

I have occasional gatherings and large speaking engagements. Do you have spaces to accommodate large events and conferences?

Communication is key in business so we encourage you to arrange as many as needed. We have multiple conference rooms that can be booked online or in person. In addition to we also house 4 different event spaces that can book for a party of 15 to 100. To book your next event please contact our Director of Events at

Is there a fee for conference room or event space booking?

Yes, though most memberships have a certain number of monthly credits they can apply towards booking a conference room or event space. If credits run out in a particular month, additional credits can be bought or members can pay directly for additional time needed. Members receive a substantial discount on room rates verses non-members. Conference room and event room pricing is based on room size. Non-member rates range from $_____ per hour for small spaces and go up to $_____ for the two-hour minimum of the large Forum. Member rates are approximately half of the non-member rate.

How many guests can I bring into KingsClub?

All members are allowed 3 guests every two hours, with the exception of unlimited guests for a conference room booking.

Can I speak on the phone in the space?

So long as one is respectful of others, members can make phone calls anywhere within our space.

Can I have a phone on my desk?

Studio spaces can have a VOIP phone and phone line connected to their office, subject to a ____ installation fee for each VOIP phone. We do not allow landline phones on Community desks in the open floor plan areas.

Do you have storage?

Yes. Studio and Community Reserved have a minimum of one two-drawer file cabinet. Cabinets for other members and larger storage units (both on-sight and off-sight) are available upon request for a monthly fee, beginning at $20/month.

Do you have internet?

Yes. Once you are a member, our IT team will set-up your member WiFi credentials to access the internet.

Can I print?

Yes. Our Community Manager will set-up your member printer credentials. All Community, Community Reserved and Studio members have 100 pages b&w and 10 pages color per month. Beyond that amount there is a $.50 charge for color pages and a $.10 charge for b&w pages. Please note, printing credits do not roll over.

Can I receive mail?

Yes. Studio and Community Reserved members have a private mailbox included with their membership, with full access during business hours. Community members have standard mail and address privileges, which allows use of coveted business address and receipt of mail on Friday’s between 9:00 am and 4:30pm. Members and non-members can purchase standard mail privileges or a mailbox. Please note that we will hold on to packages for up to 30 days, and then we will either return to sender or charge member $1.00/day until picked up.

Do you have Member Directory?

We plan on launching our KingsClub app soon, where members can connect, find out about our programming events and learn more about member perks.

Can I bring my dog?

While we love our furry friends, sadly, dogs and other pets are not permitted in the building.

When can I start my membership?

We bring new members in on the 1st of each month, and billing for membership dues is on the 1st of every month. If you join in between, your membership dues will be prorated for that month.

How do I change or cancel my membership if my needs change?

We simply need one full calendar month’s notice if you are a Club 5-Pack, Community, or Community Reserved member, or 90 days’ notice if you are a Studio member. Virtual members can cancel anytime with 30 days’ notice.

Can I freeze my membership?

Unfortunately, we do not freeze memberships. If you are traveling, we can downgrade you to a lower membership offering, subject to the notice requirements above.

Are there any additional fees when I sign-up?

There is a $30 fee for processing access cards, credentials and administrative oversite. For Studio and Community Reserved, we require a one month deposit upon joining to cover a missed payment or any incidentals. Deposits are returned within 45 days of cancellation.

Can I bring food?

Yes. We have full break-room amenities.

What's to eat?

KingsClub will be adding a cutting-edge food delivery service directly to the space for access to all types of food and catering services.  Additionally, it will offering a set menu in its upcoming private wine and social club. For immediate needs, being located in downtown Dallas, the choices for restaurants and food service are endless. There is Plaza of the Americas next door with a number of options for every taste bud. We are also conveniently close to the Deep Elm district, so if you want to have a lunch meeting out of the office it’s the perfect get away. Please check with our Community Manager to get a more detailed list.

Do you offer any refreshments?

We offer our members and visitors access to a full kitchenette that includes fresh brewed coffee, teas, filtered water, and ice. KingsClub also offers fruit water 3 days per week.

I love it! Where can I sign-up?

We have two ways you can sign up. You can go to our website and sign up there or you can come in and take a quick tour and sign up that day and get keys to your new office that same day. Contact us at to book yours today!

Kings Club Dallas
2218 Bryan Street, Suite 100
Dallas, Texas 75201

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